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Mermaids of Arabia Breaks the Guinness World Record!

Mariana Kazankova receives a certificate for breaking the Guinness World Record
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At Mermaids of Arabia, we encourage our talented performers in their efforts to achieve new goals.​ In October 2017, we were proud to support resident mermaid and freediving champion Marina Kazankova during her astounding stunt at our special Halloween performance. By walking 69.7 meters across the bottom of the tank, Kazankova broke the Guinness World Record for the longest underwater walk in one breath as audiences members teetered on the edge of their seats!

Watch the video below to see Marina make history!

Stay tuned to our blog for information about our upcoming mermaid shows and future record-breaking stunts. Also, stop by our mermaid boutique inside The Toy Store on the 2nd floor of the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. Our sea fairies will transform your child into a sparkling mermaid or pirate in minutes!


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