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Live Mermaid Shows

The Region's Leader in Aquatic Performances

Our stunning live mermaid shows are held sporadically at several locations around the Dubai area. 

For details on where and when to catch our shows, contact us or follow us on social media!


We also offer private mermaid encounters Thursday through Saturday at our Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo boutique inside Dubai Mall. For photos and information, check out our Underwater Fantasy Package and Magical Singing Mermaid Package on our Aquarium Boutique page!

(All mermaid encounters must be booked in advance. Contact us to schedule your time slot.)

The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Atlantis, The Palm

Yas Waterworld

We specialize in record-breaking stunts that push the limits of human ability.

We encourage our talented performers in their efforts to achieve new goals.​ In October 2017, we were proud to support resident mermaid and freediving champion Marina Kazankova during her astounding stunt at our special Halloween performance. By walking 69.7 meters across the bottom of the tank, Kazankova broke the Guinness World Record for the longest underwater walk in one breath.


Stay tuned to our blog for news about our plans for additional record-breaking stunts in the future!

Marina Kazankova breaks the GWR!

Marina Kazankova breaks the GWR!

Watch Now

Want our mermaids in your tank?

We love forming new partnerships with venues looking to host our mermaids!

Reach out and let’s chat about bringing the Mermaids of Arabia to your venue.

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