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COVID-19 Measures


We're taking steps for your safety.

At Mermaids of Arabia, we've taken the spread of COVID-19 extremely seriously.

During this time, following the directive of the UAE Department of Health and Safety,

we are taking further measures to ensure our mermaid community stays safe and healthy.

Our number one priority remains the well-being of our staff and guests, providing you and your family with a safe environment to enjoy our boutiques.

Here's how we've updated our policies:

Individual makeup kits

Upon arrival, each guest is issued their own unique kit containing disposable makeup applicators for use during their appointment.

Protective safety equipment

All our employees are wearing protective safety equipment, including face masks, disposable gloves, and face shields.

Fresh costumes

Costumes and monofins are all thoroughly washed and sanitized after each use.

Clean makeup stations

All makeup areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each use.

Hand sanitation stations

We provide hand sanitation stations for all guests and their families throughout our boutiques.

Mask policy

Parents and guardians of guests are required to wear masks inside our boutiques at all times.

Appointment-only policy

We're open by appointment only to ensure a clean environment for all our little mermaids.

Staff training & equipment

We provide our staff with detailed training and education on COVID-19, including how the virus spreads and can be prevented. We also circulate ongoing, up-to-date information on good hygiene practices and any necessary equipment to facilitate this process.

Floor markings for physical distancing

Physical-distancing floor markings are placed throughout the boutiques to help guests comply with social-distancing requirements.


Signage is used throughout the boutiques to communicate key health and safety messages to remind guests to maintain hygiene standards and physical distancing.

10-guest capacity policy

We have a maximum capacity of 10 guests at a time (with a 1 parent per child policy) to ensure we maintain sufficient space to meet social-distancing requirements.

Minimal use of cash

Customers are encouraged to use contactless or cashless payment whenever possible.

We thoroughly appreciate your cooperation during these challenging times and encourage you to contact us at any point if you have any questions.


You can also view and download a PDF copy of our COVID-19 Measures by clicking here

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